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Hyacinth / Anemone Collection

Hyacinth / Anemone Collection

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Hyacinth Miss Saigon / Anemone The Bride


A beautiful combination of 10 x Hyacinth Miss Saigon and 30 x Anemone De Caen The Bride.

Miss Saigon will stand Tall and show of their Stunning Shades of Purple Flowers. Filling the air with amazing fragrance. Add to this the Elegance of Anemone The Bride with its Pure White blooms this will look Amazing in any garden.


A true match made in Garden Heaven.


Flowering Time : Spring

Flowering Height : 30 cm - 15 cm 

Bulb Sizes : 15/16 cm  -  4/5 cm 

Colour : Purple / White

Easy To Grow

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