Summer Flowering Planting Information.




🌷 Planting in Borders : 

When planting gladioli bulbs, ensure they are positioned at a depth of approximately 10-15 cm below the soil surface. This will provide stability and support for the tall flower spikes. Space the bulbs about 10-15 cm apart to allow for proper air circulation and prevent overcrowding.

🌷 Planting in Pots : 

It's advised to plant 5/6 corms to an 8" pot. You can plant them a little closer than in borders. Planting depth should be around 20 cm. Again Gladioli will need staking so to avoid damaging the corms it is best to place the stakes as you plant them.


🌷  When planting in pots, use one tuber per 8-10" pot for maximum growth. In outdoor gardens, use good draining soil and space tubers 30-50 cm apart.  Remember to water thoroughly after planting and regularly when the soil is almost dry for optimal growth.

Plant them around 3-4 inches deep with the stem facing upwards.


🌷 Plant with the rounded side down in well-drained soil or a free-draining potting mix. Keep in light shade and protect from harsh winds for best results. Plant the tubers shallowly, with the dipped side facing upwards and the top 1-2 cm below the soil surface. This positioning promotes healthy growth, strong roots, and vibrant flowers. Tubers should be placed 15-20 cm apart in pots and tubs and  20-30 cm apart in borders. This spacing ensures healthy growth. Water in well and then water once they are in growth.


🌷Freesia are delicate perennial flowers that require protection from frost. These bulbs should be planted at a depth of 5-10 cm in borders or pots. This ensures the best environment for the plant to thrive and produce beautiful blooms. Plant 10-15 cm apart in borders or 5-8 cm apart in pots. Select a sheltered location with full sun and well-draining soil. This will ensures maximum growth potential for your flowers.


🌷Find a sunny spot with well-draining soil, soak the corms for 15 minutes before planting in water to wake them up. Give them enough space to thrive by planting them around 20 cm between each Corm. Plant them around 10 - 15 cm below ground level. Keep the soil moist and enjoy beautiful blooms. 


🌷 Plant your Tigridia bulbs between March and May under cover for a head start or directly outside in early May. Grow in bright, frost-free conditions Plant the bulbs 15-20 cm deep, with the pointed side facing upwards. Plant  the bulbs about 10-15 cm apart from each other, however they can be slightly closer when growing in pots or tub


Scadoxus ( or Blood Lily )

🌷 Plant these from March onward. Make sure they are planted in full Sun or Partial shade and put them in well drained soil. Situate them with the tip facing upwards, just below the soil surface, and space them 15-20 cm apart.

Keep them hydrated during growth to ensure healthy, beautiful blooms. These can be lifted for Winter and kept in a cool ( frost free ) dry dark place and planted back out in Spring.


🌷 As a frost-hardy perennial bulb, Nerines offer a beautiful addition to any garden. These sun-loving plants thrive in sunny areas with well-draining soil.

Plant these outside in a free-draining soil during mid-late spring. They can be planted shallow with the necks of the bulbs exposed. If you plant in groups at a spacing of 10-15 cm this will give you optimal results. By grouping bulbs together, you will create a visually striking and cohesive display of flowers.

Ismene Festalis

🌷 These bulbs should be spaced 10-15 cm apart in borders or containers. With a low space requirement, one bulb can thrive in a 6" pot, and three bulbs can easily fit in a 12" pot.

These are perfect for sheltered areas and full sun. Planting them in free-draining soil ensures healthy growth for your plants. After planting, water regularly but allow soil to dry between watering to prevent root rot.

Hedychiums (Ginger Lilies)

🌷Choose a border that receives optimal sunlight or partial shade for better growth and development. These should be planted after the risk of frost has passed. Plant the rhizomes shallowly and space them 30 cm apart. Place them on their sides with shoots facing up, cover with soil, and water thoroughly. Keep your rhizomes well-watered throughout their growth period, especially in their first year. Regular watering will ensure healthy and robust growth.


Gloriosa Rothschildiana

🌷 Dig a hole 5 cm deep and position the tuber length ways. The pointed end or pink end is the growing tip. Keep your bulbs a recommended 15 cm apart for optimal growth and spacing. When planting outdoors, select a sheltered location with full sun and well-drained soil. Water regularly while in growth, allowing soil to dry slightly in between. Avoid wet soil around the tubers for best results.