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Humphreys Garden

Gloriosa Rothschildiana

Gloriosa Rothschildiana

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Also known as Climbing Lily and Flame Lily, the Gloriosa Rothschildiana is probably best known as the Glory Lily. This aptly named flower is strange and exotic looking, boasting 4-5 inch blooms with wavy-edged petals that face downwards in bud, but grow to reflex backwards, as though blown back by a strong wind. Ruby red petals with yellow bases and edges look as though these flowers are on fire, and would be perfect for hot themed gardens or for gardens that need some unique character. The bright green stamens and pistil are extremely prominent, with trailing sturdy stems and lush green leaves tipped with tendrils to aid in climbing.



Flowering Time : Summer

Flowering Height : 150 - 200 cm

Colour : Red / Yellow

Tuber Size : 20 +

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