Gladioli - While known for their big, bold, and colourful blooms, smaller and less showy species also make wonderful additions to borders. Get ready to be impressed with the wide range of colours and the perfectly blousy blooms of the Gladiolus flowers! Admire the sword-like leaves and upright flower spikes as they open outward to reveal funnel-shaped blooms. Perfect for adding a touch of flamboyance to any garden. Gladioli thrive in sunny, well-draining soil with a neutral to slightly acidic pH. Proper drainage is crucial for overwintering corms in the ground. Enjoy beautiful, vibrant blooms with this low-maintenance flowering plant.


 Top Tip - Don't give up on them too soon, as they are very late-flowering and will make a beautiful addition to your garden from mid-September. It always amazes us how quickly gladioli flower spikes appear - when they do show their heads! It almost seems as though one day you have just leaves and the next day there is a noticeable flower spike.


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